My Projects

One of the reasons I’ve started this blog is to keep my sense of self. In parenthood it’s incredibly easily to lose ourselves to being the everything for our families and children. The only way I can advocate for other parents maintaining a sense of self outside our children is to do so myself. I do this by always maintaining projects, this being one of them. The other things I do include, run an Airbnb (this is my JOB, it’s how I make money for my family), and I write and perform music with my band. My band is made up of me and my husband Oliver and a few of our very talented friends, we are called Echo Hill.  When it comes down to it my small project list is endless and I always want more. So if you need someone who can create content or you need a band for your event HIT ME UP.

Our Band: Echo Hill

I’m so excited to announce my band has released our first album. Here it is!

You can buy it and support local music here or stream it on spotify. Our band is a modern folk rock band. If that sounds like something you want to hear you can find us on Instagram and Facebook. Being in a music scene and raising my child around music is super important to me. I’ve even written about it here.

Orange County City Moms Blog

I also am a writer/contributor for the Orange County Moms Blog. I love doing it since it opens me up to writing for a larger audience and connecting with more people. I truly enjoy meeting other parents and the similarities we all have in this life no matter what the differences.

I also maintain my sanity by being an active participant in two different communities. One is a secular moms group and one is a Unitarian Universalist Church here in Fullerton. Both support my idea of how I want to parent my child, which is through open minded inclusion and an acceptance of our science based household. We are not religious but we find that anything anyone believes is their right to do so, we live for equality and kindness. Both of those communities do that for me. If you’d like to join either here is the link for my Moms Group. I think having a community of like-minded or as we say in church “like-hearted” parents is incredibly helpful for our survival and growth.



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