I love Christmas. The decorations, the food, the warm drinks with alcohol in them, and especially the gifts. Finding the perfect gift is a skill. I like to think I’m pretty good at it (except for my husband he still puzzles me every single year). But for everyone else I generally love shopping. One thing I try really hard to do all year round is be aware of where I am shopping and where my dollars go. Yes I love Target with an undying passion but I do shop small as often as I can especially at holidays.

This is because I only recently closed my own small family owned business and I know what a difference it makes. It can make the difference between dance classes or no dance classes for the next year. It can mean the difference between continuing to pursue a passion as a profession or throwing in the towel.

Now I know that maybe when you were growing up what you think of as “mom made” gifts were probably pretty damn hideous. I’m not saying you ladies should get out your craft stuff and attempt to make sweaters ala Mrs Weasley. Instead I’m saying that we should buy some from the talented women makers out there. So here is my list of Mom Made gifts that you can be proud to purchase and give this holiday season. The idea is a bit of a by moms for moms gift guide. So if you’re a mom I hope you enjoy it, if you know a mom even better she will love something from this list.

A Gift For Those With A Mouth As Dirty As Mine


Are you a naughty ho ho ho? Know one? Either way these bad boys from Miss Betty’s Bad Ass Candles are a hilarious gift to bring to anyone with sense of humor and a dirty mind. I love these candles I highly suggest that you buy the cozy fire scent for a holiday candle. But they also have Bad Ass Bitch candles that can be any scent you fucking want. I used to sell these at my shop and they are still a favorite with many of my friends and I burn them in my own house. Soy based and light in scent so not over power a room or give you a head ache.

A Gift For Anyone With A Sweet Toothgift

Who doesn’t love delicious cookies? Garbage people that’s who. Terrible people who hate fun. So if you know anyone like that don’t buy them presents anyway. They are probably not worth your time. On the other hand if you have a work party, giant fancy family party, or just someone on your list you aren’t sure what to get, cookies are a pretty good call. However with all the shopping, decorating, and taking care of your entire families emotional needs who has time to bake beautiful cookies? Oh Michelle from Mavens Treats that’s who. And she’s gonna make you look so good when you walk in with these delicious gorgeous cookies. Everyone is gonna be like “WOW YOU’RE SUCH A GOOD BAKER!” and you’ll smile and look mysterious. On your way out the door you’ll slip a card to the hostess and say “It’s our little secret for tonight but Mavens Treats are just the best.”

Subversive Cross Stitch for Friends Who Are Too Online


Hey you know that friend of yours that loves craft stuff and feminism but just can’t seem to sew anything without bleeding on it? This is the place for you to find something for her. Tweet Stitch takes inspiration from viral tweets and makes it into cross stitch. Use your friends very clever tweet that got her top amount of retweets (of like 40 people) to be made into a framed cross stitch! That will be truly unique.

A Gift For Those Plagued with Elf Issues


Maybe your good friends kids are starting to notice that their elf never moves at night. Or maybe the incredible peer pressure of having an elf has gotten to you and so you’re considering getting one this year. My first instinct is to say NEVER GIVE IN TO THE PRESSURE TO BUY THAT STUPID ELF. But on the other hand maybe you’re kinder or give more fucks than I do. After all my kid doesn’t know what an elf is yet, so what would I know about the pressure you’re under? If so picking up a handy dandy elf kit will help you save your sanity. It comes with 30 days of instructions and ideas to keep that elf moving and even an exit letter should you find that the stupid elf needs to be taken out or you know a welcome and goodbye letter, depends how you look at it really. Find them at Holiday Mama plus lots of other fun ideas.

Gifts For the Stylish Mama You Know Loves Bags


Or maybe YOU are the stylish mama. No judging we all deserve a gift. These Mina Bai bags are beautifully made and have all the space you need while out and about with your little one. They are big enough to handle the essentials but not so large it’s like hauling a beach tote. You have the choice of leather or vegan materials. I know I personally would love one of these as a gift. Who wants to look like they have a mom bag? I don’t. I want people to be surprised that I have children because I am just so stylish and in shape. Only one of those can happen by Christmas, let’s choose the bag.

Gifts for the Conspiracy Theorists


Maiden Voyage Clothing designs t-shirts and patches for your uncle who really does believe in big foot. Or maybe for your sister who watched too many episodes of anciety aliens while high and now thinks that the Bermuda Triangle is not only real but where Amelia Eirheardt still lives to this day. Either way their cryptozoology inspired items are great for the mystery lovers in your life. Some of them even glow in the freakin dark.

Gifts For Grandma and Grandpa


You have done all the standard home made hand print gifts. You’ve given them their school picture in a frame. You paid for holiday portraits. THERE IS NOTHING LEFT TO GIVE YOUR IN LAWS ANYMORE. Or wait is there? Jelly Bean Street is a fun interactive way to make beautiful art anyone would like in their home all year round. Sign the kids up for one of their events and they will take the artwork you make and have it turned into canvas art for the Grands. And to add to all that goodness, they give back to the community with their proceeds.

Gifts For the Bath Lovers OR Friends Who Need To Chill TF Out


Who needs to relax but also really loves Harry Potter? Oh pretty much everyone I’m friends with, that’s right. It’s 2018 and it’s been a rough year. Okay, well then you’ll be happy to discovery Miss Andry’s Floo Powder Bath Salts. These are the good kind of bath salts for relaxation not the bad kind that make you eat peoples faces, this isn’t Florida after all. These salts will transport you to a magical world of relaxation filled with fantasy’s of a young Dumbledore. Miss Andry’s Bath House also sells plenty of patriarchy smashing fun bath items and even an underboob powder that I’ve just got to try. No matter what everyone needs to chill tf out and a petty but fun way to say that is getting them some lovely relaxation items.

Gifts For Jewelry Lovers


Lullabye Links is more than just beautiful jewelry. These necklaces, bracelets and other fine jewelry pieces were designed to hold up to the pulling of little hands and to be worn in the shower. But beyond that they have soothing properties for anyone with sensory issues or small children. I have nothing clever to add because the idea is just so beautifully simple and perfect.


Another option is Rock Elegance who also happens to be having a sale until the end of Cyber Monday! This shop features delicate simple jewelry pieces that will be sure to stay on trend. Necklaces, stacking bracelets and rings and more that I personally would love as a gift which is always a sign of a winner.

Gifts For The Knitters


It’s a pretty niche market but fancy yarn is exactly what every knitter/crocheter wants in their life. Also there seems to be a pretty heavy cross over of knitters and nerds so this mamas shop called Lazer Sheep Yarns is full of fandom inspired colorways and it will be appreciated. It’s all soft, and hand dyed by my best friend Leslie, not that that should matter or anything, she’s just the best person in the universe and you should give her your money.

For the Whole Family


My personal favorite gift to give or receive is an experience for the whole family. Portraits are a wonderful gifts and I have two fabulous photographers I’d recommend. Amber at Naturally Newborn focuses on family and newborn photography but also does beautiful maternity and boudoir that will make you feel like an absolute goddess. Her newborn shots are dreamy and man does she know her light. She happens to be a great friend of mine and just lovely to work with, and took my head shot. Her studio is great to visit since it has a play area for littles and a TV room to nurse in.


Alisha from FilmAli Photography does crazy fun rock and roll style artistic shots. Maybe you’d like something a little more off the wall since your family is totally fucking nuts. If so this is probably a great match for you. She’s great to work with and likes to try out new techniques and environments for shooting. She shot our band photos at Oak Glen Orchards (pictured above) and we just love them.

No matter what you choose to do for gifts this year I encourage you to visit small businesses and see what you can find. It really goes twice as far when it’s a gift to both those you buy from and those you buy for.