So I don’t know about you but I’ve become a bit tired of being a girl who loves her island, I’m no longer a girl who loves the sea, it DOES NOT CALL ME. I mean my child is 16 months old and we watch Moana twice a day. I can’t take much more. I might find it soothing the first time, especially if it wasn’t EVERY FUCKING DAY. But no she wants to watch it ALL THE TIME. In fact it’s a bit of a running joke how much we watch Moana. Yes it’s beautiful, it has great music and a wonderful message. Yes of course we know we can change it up with maybe Sing, or Trolls, or Shrek. But mama wants a break. I want to watch something that wasn’t specifically written to entrance a small child. I want something sexier, grittier and more adult. No I’m not saying to let your kid watch porn, you weirdo! I’m saying turn off Moana and turn on a musical.

I’m no longer a girl who loves the sea,


Right now on Netflix there is a selection of musicals. The first we tried was you guessed it MAMMA MIA.


I love the visuals in Mamma Mia, the fun filled fantasy of life in Greece if you are somehow rich enough to own a hotel but too poor to keep up with it or go anywhere else. I don’t understand a lot in the movie but the story is generally about a woman who had too much fun in her twenties, got pregnant and now her daughter who was raised not knowing who her father is, is getting married. The daughter proceeds to invite every dude her mom mentioned having… (SEX) with in her diary to her wedding to figure it out. Eventually they do, but it doesn’t end up mattering. The key plot points are kinda not the point at all, its all about the fun dance scenes to the music of ABBA in the beautiful sunshine with lots of linen clothing. I love watching Meryl and the ladies sing and dace to Dancing Queen so much the other day I was brought to tears. I cannot say whether that was based on my cycle or how good this movie is but I felt it should be mentioned. And guess what, MY TODDLER LOVES IT. Her favorite song is “Does your mother know” a song about a woman sleeping with a much younger man and then telling him to get lost because his mother would be appalled by her and she’s gonna do her own thang. YES, I SAID THANG. Juniper will stop in her tracks to watch a 60 year old woman tell a bunch of young dudes in swim trunks, that she’s too good for them, and I sigh in relief to not being stuck watching Shrek again. Also who doesn’t want to watch Meryl Streep find her true love in Pierce Brosnin. Did I mention a sequel is coming out and I’m definitely watching it? Because I am.

My second choice brings me back to my college days. RENT. This movie is… well it’s bad. It’s ridiculous. But why not show your toddler a movie about living in a bohemian crash pad during the AIDS epidemic? When I saw this at 19 I thought they were all very cool. As a 32 year old woman who has settled down in life I think they are all idiots who need to get fucking day jobs but the soundtrack is still fantastic.


It’s also very clear where I got my style inspiration for that time of my life when watching this movie. I had entirely forgotten about my obsession with Idina Menzel before the halcyon days of Frozen (which I refuse to watch for risk that we will be screaming LET IT GO for the next 6 months to a year). I love the song I’ll Cover You and Take Me For What I Am. The cast is surprisingly good despite possibly not the best material to work from.

Next is Beauty and the Beast. NO NOT THE ORIGINAL! I’m talking about stepping away from Disney cartoon movies my friends! Netflix has the live action version with Emma Watson and a wolf man buffalo/ram creature she falls truly in love with after she’s been kidnapped. It’s a totally healthy relationship! To be honest it’s got a terrible under pinning of Stockholm Syndrom but do I care? Hell to the no! It’s got pretty dresses, and good music and Emma Watson is almost able to carry a tune. So that’s all pluses in my book. Gaston carries the movie if you ask me and I’ll watch this a few times for sure.


Another one of my favorites is White Christmas. A movie filled with the style and glamour of the 1950’s and as my father likes to say “THEY’RE ALL DEAD NOW”.


White Christmas stars Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney (yes Georges’ Aunt) Vera Allen, and the alleged wifebeater Bing Crosby. They were all very famous at one time, but now are completely forgotten by most people under the age of 40, except by nerds like me. The story is about two sisters who are performers and need a little help with their career. They meet Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye who are friends of their brother, from their days in the army which they never stop talking and singing about. All four proceed to Vermont where they discover the place they are booked to play is owned by the boys old Army Captain or Sergeant or something. The Captain is in trouble with the hotel so they do a big show to help him out. It’s dazzling. Big giant productions in a barn that magically changes size depending on the musical number. Though Danny Kaye is clearly in love with Bing’s character they all end up in heterosexual happy relationships by the end because THIS IS THE 50’s!

There are a few more, Highschool Musical, Shrek the Musical, The Phantom of the Opera, but I don’t know if I’m ready to go down that hole. I’m about to watch Joyful Noise while I’m joyfully alone because she’s at her grandmothers for the day. We shall see if this brings the results I’m looking for. Dolly Parton, Queen Latifa, and Keke Palmer is a mix I think I’m gonna like. If you are looking outside of Netflix I suggest The Greatest Showman and Pitch Perfect. Anyway all I’m saying is lets expose these little nuggets to something other than child centered entertainment, if it’s got music they enjoy it. There’s no day but today after all.