I’ve been trying for a few days to formulate my thoughts on what is happening in our country right now. One week ago there was another mass shooting, and not only that but it was at a school, again. In Parkland Florida 17 people mostly children died, and 14 people are injured. I will admit here and now I’m a liberal with opinions so if that’s going to upset you, maybe you should just close this now. I also have the mouth of a sailor and I am not going to censor myself. I don’t believe I’m extreme. I support people having their 2nd amendment rights. I don’t think it’s a realistic solution to get rid of all guns in our country, not now or really ever. However I’m extremely concerned about the world we are giving our children right now.

Mourners gather at a vigil that was held for the victims of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Thusday, Feb. 15, 2018, in Parkland, Fla. Link

When I was growing up the only drills we practiced were fire drills and stop, drop and roll. It was funny to think back on our parents hiding under their desks for duck and cover drills because of fear of nuclear attack. It was funny because I was a dick, I was completely unaware of the fear that our parents and their parents lived with as children and adults in a time where you couldn’t prevent a political schism in the world from killing your children. Now I guess I get to feel that. In a few years I’ll send MY child to school. Right now my nieces and nephews learn to barricade their doors, hide on toilets and play dead in order to survive an active shooter situation. Or to just make themselves a moving fucking target because they will die anyway, so they need to keep that shooter busy so less children die. It makes me sick to my stomach to think of. Yet somehow there is people that didn’t grow up with themselves or their kids being in danger of being shot at school and they think they understand the issue better because they own guns and know how to use them responsibly. And that’s not the issue. What the issue is, is confusing a political stance for your moral code, and forgetting the fear that we have to live with because of it.

Because what’s truly happening in my opinion is letting politics become larger than morality. This is big for me to admit, because for me MY POLITICS ARE MY MORALITY. My morality informs my political stance. And this isn’t just true for liberals. I know plenty of people on the other side who feel the exact same way, that they are republicans because they represent their moral code with regards to their religious beliefs and their stance on specific issues. But this can become selfish.

Because what I think all of us are forgetting when we get caught up in that is that our morals in regards to our children’s safety should be essentially the same. KEEP THEM SAFE, keep them alive. The method of how we do that is what we debate, but I think if we could leave out the extremes and concentrate on that commonality we would make more progress. I should be able to say, I don’t want people to have guns that will hurt my child and it shouldn’t be something that leads to “YOU CAN’T TAKE MY GUNS I’M A LAW ABIDING CITIZEN”. Someone on the right shouldn’t be afraid that every conversation that you start with we need to protect our kids will end with “THEN TAKE AWAY ALL THE GUNS”. It’s not ALL THE GUNS or NO GUNS. Those aren’t the fucking options here people.

Parents and kids take a stand together over gun violence.

Those aren’t even solutions, they are arguments. I’m a big believer in talking solutions. We know the problem, our kids and our people are dying. If we could do that, leave out the extreme arguments we would admit there is many many solutions and we need to fucking pick one. I’d be happy with literally JUST ONE. One step, whether it’s investing in our schools so they have better security, or having stricter background checks or banning the weapons most commonly used for mass shootings or a personal favorite how about when the fucking FBI KNOWS that someone is at high risk THEY CAN’T BUY A GUN. I’d like them all to be honest, but I’d fucking settle for one. One step so our kids know WE CARE. That this issue isn’t about WHETHER WE CARE. Because as long as we do not do ANYTHING our kids think, these adults just don’t fucking care. It’s what you are seeing on the new right now while these incredibly strong teenagers speak about how they need to take a stand or no one will, that our politicians don’t care about them.

Because I want the world we give our children to not include fear for their lives when they go to school. I want the world we give our children to be about learning and caring, and growing not hiding in a bathroom or seeing your friend shot in front of you. And I don’t think it’s that much to ask that we stay on actual solutions and not extremes, at least if you aren’t being a dick. So pick one, pick a solution and call your representative and say the same damn thing. PICK ONE. DO SOMETHING. So that our kids are given a world that they know they matter.