How life changes quicker than you can say blink.

Ch ch changesss. Yep as the late great David Bowie predicted, life is about change. And my life this last 2 years has had more change than in probably the last 10 combined. But I think I should back up a little bit. I’ll start at the beginning. In 2012 I was working as a vet tech, a terribly abused, and depressed vet tech getting paid $10/hr. Turns out even though I love love LOVE animals, I was not built to be around injured or dying animals. Seriously I cried everytime, which is REALLY unprofessional, but also I just couldn’t stomach the surgeries. Add to that one of the worlds worst bosses, like throws needles around like it’s confetti and screams at his employees bad. And my husband who was at the time my boyfriend noticed how unhappy I was. As did his family.

They had watched the past 4 years as I tried multiple other professions (dog walker, nanny, sales associate, ecommerce copywriting, fashion styling) but kept finding myself in retail.  Which made sense, I loved fashion however I had no real concrete education in fashion which made it easy to pass me over for promotions and decent pay. So I decided to go for something more regular, with 9-5 hours and reliable income. But after months of trying to be a vet tech, my lovely Oliver stepped up to the plate and said “hey girl let me take care of you”…. sort of, it was more of “hey girl your super depressed and everyone has noticed, me and my parents think you should go back to school”. Which made me cry, and then smile and then cry some more but like a good cry not a negative I’m so depressed cry more of a I’m so fucking relieved that I can still make something of my life cry.

So I applied to FIDM. FIDM is the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and in 2013 I was a freshman at the age of 27. I was older than more than half the students but still younger than a total of 3 students so that was ok! I went back to school and for the first time in my life I realized I was smart, and could be really good at something. I had always been one of those people that weren’t GREAT at anything, just like decently passable at lots of things. And I LOVED IT. Every second. Okay not EVERY second but most. I graduated Cum Laude which I never thought would happen.


So there I was graduated. Oh and did I mention I got married around then too? Yes we tied the knot, went to Bali for our honeymoon and it was time to start being an adult.

So I did. I started the application process. Got a couple leads. But then my father in law and my husband started talking about a family business. They had lots of ideas but in the end we settled on a store. A store with my husband Ollie’s interests in mind, a fashion forward outdoor boutique. We named it Wander Outfitters and in a matter of 3 months were open. I designed the space hired one of my closest friends from FIDM to come on to help manage and buy and Ollie would help with the rest.

Read our very first newspaper article here!




I was ready to get to business. But we had no idea what we were doing. We were learning the industry and running a business at lightning speed. There was tradeshows and brands to research, putting my degree to the test, and you can guess it I didn’t know nearly enough. So here we were muddling along. And then I threw another curve ball into the mix.


To be continued….