So this weekend I fulfilled my feelings of wanderlust with a trip up north to the Sequoia National Forest with my best guy, best dog, and best friends. We drove up towards the Kern River and then found a perfect little site just south of the 100 Giants Trail. It was so wonderful and I recommend everyone follow their feeling of needing to get away from it all, by going camping for the weekend. You don’t need to go far to find that feeling of freeness. We especially enjoyed seeing our best friends Josh and Leslie (Leslie’s blog is Lazer Sheep Yarn which every crafter should check out!) and their little girl experience their first camping trip with her. She is only 2 years old but already has a love of hiking, camping and s’mores that could put most adults to shame. Her enthusiasm about everything we did was so fun to see.

Finding the perfect campsite, there it is!
Our perfect spot.
The view of our site from on top of our friends camper.
Feeling one with nature with my two little buddies Bullwinkle and Livie.
Gorgeous giants on the 100 giants trail. Photo credit: Josh Valantine
Mini Hiker