Sometimes it takes a visual change in yourself to feel like everything is moving forward and positive.

So in the last few months I have finished school at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising with a degree in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing, and gotten married. BIG CHANGES! But now that everything has settled I’m in for the long haul of married life, job searching, and taking care of our dogs and home. This is a good thing but I’m not always so good at sitting still. I NEED purpose and change in my life to feel fulfilled, and that has a been a bit hard to come by since coming back from our honeymoon. I think part of this feeling of being stuck in a rut also stems from the after the wedding let down. My friends and family that have been down this road told me it would happen, after all the stress, excitement and fun of wedding planning and finishing my degree, everything would seem a bit… well… boring, afterwards.

And they were right. I felt lost, and I didn’t know what I should do next. I had started the job application processes, and been improving the house little by little, and wrote my thank you notes. But still I just felt stuck, and like I wasn’t truly being myself by being at home. SO I decided to make a change, to my day to day life, and to my look. One thing I made myself promise is that I wouldn’t stop creating just because I wasn’t in school. The other was that I would express myself in how I look now that the wedding was over I could really have fun with my hairstyle. I know it may seem silly but I’ve always felt fresh and new and like I can take on anything when I change my hair. When I broke up with a long time boyfriend of mine, I cut off my dreadlocks (I KNOW I HAD DREADS YOU CAN’T PICTURE IT, here ya go)

And then I went short.

Then I grew it out and went long and short and everything in between. But I’ve never done anything but RED. I have always had RED hair. I was born with red hair, as my mom likes to say a head of penny colored velvet until I was about 2. It turned more auburn as I grew older and I’ve lightened it, highlighted, darkened it, etc but never been anything but red. Thus I’ve been the Redheaded Rambler. But with this feeling of being stuck I decided I wanted to do something different. I wanted PINK hair. Rosey, rose gold tinted hair. If you’ve been paying attention to some of the trends in beauty right now fun candy colored hair is making a big splash. I LOVE this trend. here is a few examples.

this hair is like super awesome and it combines with the lollipop I'll do anything for this hair like omg

welovecolouredhair: Submitted by @myicaruscomplexName: Kami ReneeAge: 23Location: Denmark


Amazing right!? SO fun and full of life and color! So I decided I wanted to do rose gold hair. Here’s a few examples of the color I was crushing on. I figured it wasn’t quite as crazy as hot pink hair but still just as fun.

It can manage to look oddly natural with the right cut. | 12 Reasons Rose Gold Is The Most Magical Shade To Dye Your HairObsessed with pastel colored hair.

Also I had been loving the pin up styles done in pastels because they reminded me of my favorite character from Grease. Frenchie the beauty school drop out.

This hair style is inspired. The short cut combined with this pastel green is so much fun. As in the picture, to get the best out of these hair colors try styling them up with curls or other flattering frames instead of leaving the hair straight.Ring in the new year with those curves ladies!! 40-35-44 size 12-16 XL I’m wearing the Monica dress From Pinup Girl Clothing and I highly recommended it! I’m never felt so good in a dress and I believe it goes up to a 2XL but it’s extremely stretchy. xoxo

I showed my stylist, the amazing Crystal at Unity Salon in Downtown Fullerton those two photos from up above and she got to work. First I had to bleach it. Which was something I had NEVER done to this extent before. It was a 3 hour bleach job. Ooph. Here I am looking like a space cadet.

WP_20150512_13_14_31_ProBut all that hard bleaching, plus another hour of color and styling was worth it! Here are my before and after shots. Red, to rosey, Frenchie from Grease inspired PINK!

6tag_120515-164140It came out much more pink than I expected, but Crystal warned me with these types of light pastel colors, its better to go darker because it washes out quickly. And boy has it! But I love it, it seems just the change I needed to feel like a fresh start. Lets hope it goes over well in my job interviews 🙂



And if you don’t feel that you are ready to let your colors show, but you need a little kick in the ass to feel more kick ass, try listening to the fantastic song by the Avett Brothers, Color Show. I feel now that I’m ready to go face whatever comes my way, whether it is an amazing job right away or being a stay at home dog mom for a while and writing this blog. Whatever happens I am what I am, a person with loud, bright colors inside and out. The lines from this song never fail to make me feel like what I am is good and to not let the darkness or the feeling of being stuck overwhelm all of the colorful positive things in my life. “Be loud, let your colors show, don’t let the darkness grow”. I will. I am.