Merry Holidays Everyone!

So it’s my favorite time of the year and one of the biggest trends the last few years has been Ugly Christmas Sweater Party’s! I’ve had one at my house the last few years and I have a few things to suggest. Because the trend is getting bigger and bigger everyone is now on the search for the perfect christmas sweater at thrift shops and walmarts alike but I have a few suggestions. There are a number of etsy artists and other people online making FANTASTIC ugly christmas sweaters! Easy peasy you can hop online and find one to suit your need that you can wear year after year.

So here are a few of my favorites

ugly sweater 1      uglysweater2

These two are classically ugly sweaters. Made for actual Christmas lovers like my mom and your mom and your Aunt Betty.

il_570xN.389891440_b5ys il_570xN.531094293_hova

Now here we have some options for those of you who still wanna look cute but be in theme. Who doesn’t love dinosaurs and quotes from Home Alone!

christmassweater shopping (1) shopping

And here are my ultimate favorites IE DIRTY CHRISTMAS SWEATERS!!! These are both in theme and will get laughs from your buddies but then again they may not be appropriate for your work party.

siamese sweater 1517445_10153598547750237_98525020_n 1531952_10153595293710237_1078809029_n

And here is my ultimate advice, if you can’t find one you like, or you are on a budget do like me and my boyfriend (the one in the back of the group pic in the red sweater with the trees) and make your own! Buy a basic sweater or sweatshirt, some puffy paints, fuzzy balls and glitter pens and go to town! Just like when I was a kid and my mom would invite the neighborhood moms over to get the spirit of the holidays!

So Merry Holidays y’all!

Here are the links to those sweaters!