Every girl I talk to is getting ready for Halloween, adult Halloween that is which for most ladies between the age of 15 and 35 (depending on your confidence and life choices of course) means sexy slutty Halloween costumes. In fact when I went online to search some ideas I had basically I came across nothing that wasn’t slutty or supposedly funny. Here is a few of my favorite for entertainment value costumes, yet none I would personally choose this year. Not because some of them aren’t adorable but just because I’d like to try something new.

Image                 Image

Sexy Goddess                                Sexy Nurse (I don’t see nurse I guess they use that term loosely, but it sure is slutty sexy)


                           Sexy Pirate           Sexy Cop        Sexy Ragdoll        Sexy Referee          Sexy Army Lady

Image And my ultimate favorite, SEXY PENGUIN!!I



                                                              And the “funny” costumes, plug and socket.

Image             Image

Funny(?) pregnant costume!                                             Sexy Funny Lady Baby Costume!

I personally feel I’ve come to a certain point in my life in which I don’t want to wear thigh highs and garters and low cut crop tops with mini skirts or shorts in Fall. I would like to instead be comfortable yet cute and creative. So I’ve attempted being comfortable yet cute in the past by being Lucille Ball,  but that year I was at least in a dress so I had no complaints by my boyfriend for not being a lady (which will be explained later why this is a concern).


Here is me as Lucille Ball two years ago.

And last year I just wore a polka dot dress and mouse ears and was Minnie Mouse no photos sorry, we didn’t go out and just sat around watching Halloween movies and giving out candy. So this year I want to try something COMPLETELY different. For a couple of years now I’ve wanted to try an idea I had, to be a fancy gentleman. What is that you may ask? Well I like to think I got the inspiration from one seriously fashionable diva of an actress Marlene Dietrich.

Annex - Dietrich, Marlene_NRFPT_02            MDtux     Annex - Dietrich, Marlene (Seven Sinners)_01

Now that’s one sexy gentleman. I’m sure I’ll be nowhere as classy and fabulous as she was and a little more comedic but the general idea is I’ll dress like a man, a fancy gentleMAN that is, with top hat, tux (or pieces that resemble a tux), pipe or cigar, white gloves a mustache and my favorite part a monocle. We will see how it comes out in the end. I hope I go through with it and don’t get lazy and get a French maid costume that I can reuse in the bedroom. We will see Saturday how creative and determined I am to get the right pieces without spending too much. Especially with my friends literally saying they want the sluttiest thing they can buy and my boyfriend complaining that this costume doesn’t show enough boobs. Little does he know that I was going to get him a flapper costume and make him be my lady. Oh and maybe I’ll dress my german shepherd mix doggie like a poodle!!

So what’s your opinion? I’m not judging either way a girl goes with her costumes but what do you like? A super sexy costume? A fun and creative costume? A funny costume? What’s some of your favorites and why?

Update! Here is my finished product, I went full on Marlene Dietrich impersonation instead of just any fancy gentlemen, though no one at the party I went to had any idea who that was sadly. Still a fun party but we really need to add courses on classic film and film stars to every high schoolers syllabus.

marlene     measmarlene