What you can expect around here.

Hello! Since you’re here I figured an introduction is in order. I’m Liz McTan and I write about imperfect parenting and motherhood. I grew up in a small area outside of Philadelphia called Delaware County. I felt stifled and lost, so in 2009 I decided to pack all my things into my two door car and drive to Los Angeles to be taken in by my amazing Aunt. I proceeded to get a degree in fashion, move in with my now husband in Orange County and build a life, which for me included becoming a mother.

Now life looks very different from when I started this blog in 2012. I had my daughter Juniper Lynn in January of 2017. I have 2 big fluffy babies, my dogs Bullwinkle and Berdoo. I have sold my first business, a store called Wander Outfitters that I owned with my husband Oliver Tan.

Now I focus on writing about my experiences with motherhood honestly. Meaning there will be cursing and there will be love.

For me that means never giving up my passions because I know how easy it is to become lost in the haze of parenting and motherhood. It also means not fucking sugar coating the difficulty of parenting but remembering it’s a balancing act of appreciation and truthfulness. I love to share my experiences as part of a traveling family (we try to travel every 3 months if not more). You’ll find posts here about social justice, music, travel and just about anything else that makes my life the interesting balancing act it is. I think we all have the potential to have it all but to know that it’s not what you think that it will be. Nothing is perfect, everything is messy and real and beautiful and hard. Having everything means sacrificing the idea of what life SHOULD be and taking it for what it is right now and how magical yet painful that can be.


Know that I’m still an odd duck, I have far too many opinions (thus the rambling). I like to learn new things and be challenged. Please don’t be afraid to comment and ask me about anything I may not have thought through. Beyond anything you should know I do everything with the goal of being honest and kind and building a village of weirdos who are going through this phase of life together. To build support online since sometimes we just don’t have it in person. To reach out with love to all of you struggling through the every day. So let’s be kind.

I hope you enjoy reading my ramblings : )

Liz McGlinchey Tan aka The Redheaded Rambling Mama